Who We Are

learnPro started as a spin out from a University at the end of 1998. Our aim was to change thinking by developing courses online to allow individuals to learn concepts and principles before attending practical workshops. It was all quite new and some organisations had developed the beginning of a Learning Management System as well. We developed our own LMS in response to Blood Transfusion wanting an assessment system to record knowledge and understanding to support the delivery of a Better Blood Programme with the NHS. From those small beginnings we have developed one of the worlds most advance LMS's and additional authoring systems for our clients.

We have taken development of the LMS and authoring even further than SCORM as people delivering education in complex organisations with a diverse workforce need more than SCORM. Our LMS lets you create programmes, stream video into any authoring tools or into our own authoring system that lets you build incident or patient focused simulations and elearning. So its moved on for us and our clients. We are also positioning our product to let our customers share content across sectors and LMS platforms from one single Package Manager Solution

Innovation is our focus and a product that works and lets our customers, who themselves are educationalist, deliver the workforce development programmes to their staff and report on these.

So we have no third party software in our system, we own every line of code and we have very clever team of people who are able to engage with our customer in a way that will make the difference for your organisation and keep you coming back year after year. That's how you grow a business, with customer focus, a product that is great at a price you can afford and a professional team that can deliver to you what you want.