A new and exciting range or simulation based modules aimed at decision making using video to focus on NHS and the patient or Fire Service and incident based scenarios with the ability to record decision making of candidates

Generic Risk Assessments built for the UK Fire Service are a large series of courses aligned to national standards of the Fire Service with recordable assessments

A wide range of courses from ECDL generail IT packages for all aspects of Windows. The fiance modules are extensive from managing fraud within large organisations to basic accounting

Course and assessments cover Basic Food Hygiene, DSE awareness, Information Security and many more. For more information click the link and we can send you more details

Create or share existing programmes of learning with your community or sector. This lets you build programmes of learning with a wide range of learning resources added within a pathway including SCORM modules, assessments, video, documents, workbooks

There is everything in this section from adult protection, to basic life support, to equality and diversity, finance, fire safety, manual handling, HAI, Managing aggression and all with separate assessments that are powerful and clearly show the knowledge and understanding of candidates

A range of case studies with 3D and video footage of specific Hazards and Incidents designed for group sessions and delivered pulling on key debrief information

Managing Greivances, Managing Discipline, Equalities for Supervisors and Recruitmemt & Selection are just some of the range of Managemeht Essentials that your organisation can share within learnPro

learnPro have a range of strategic courses from the Fire Services Gold Command Simulations that let Officers record their rationale prior to desktop excersices to mini MBA based pratcical strategic courses for those running their business units

Design for the Fire Service these modules are for group sessions on Managing Incidents and that take the group through escalating incident reinforcing the decision model based on new information 

I new range of modules designed around Doctors pathways, locations and roles that are video based and focused on the Patient and the Role

A wide range of modules from basic mental health issues to true life issues from alcohol related modules to severe depression and effective treatment of various conditions

Collaborative shared modules from various agencies this covers Child, Adult and Children with Exceptional Needs  to name just a few

A range of modules from predicting and preventing diabetes, monitoring and control, through to diabetes in pregnancy, are just some of the prescribing and general knowledge and understanding based modules aimed at the pharmacy sector

Range of NHS based modules aimed at patient based systems

Extensive shared programme across NHS boards covering recognition and management of sick kids, communications with children, child welfare and family development

From assertiveness, business report writing to change management there or loads of courses with assessments that take you through the key concepts and meet the key attainment levels for level 3 Supervisory Management and each finishes with a practical scenario applied to the work place

The range of specialist subject are going exponentially as the NHS, Council and Fire sector add them from Fire Control to Delirium from Counter Fraud to Assyst

Business Improvement courses cover areas of Performance Managing, Prince 2, Project Management, Workforce Planning and Partnerships and Joint Working whta can be shared on learnpro via other customers and linked to your own learning and rebranded to suit

Complaint handling through to customer service courses meeting a range of staff groups are available. Scripts can be shared, courses can be used as they are or you can edit and rebrand them and all have separate assessments

There are the normal courses that companies offer but what about areas like Emotion Matters, Introduction to CBT for Anxiety, Introduction to Trauma or See Act Think - linked to Relational Security. There is wide choice to choose from if you are on board with learnPro

Protection based courses cover Child, Public and Adult based themes and assessments. For more on these click the link and we can send you our catalogue.

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Not only do you have a massive list of Induction material but you can create pathways in learnPro with timeframes to complete induction programmes. To see how these paths ways link to elearning courses and classroom courses contact us