Key Points


  • 1

    Manage App across device stores

  • 2

    .NET Web Services to get your information securely to the App

  • 3

    Dynamic App Development

  • 4

    ASP web application with.NET backend

  • 5

    Developed in Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET, SQL

  • 6

    HTML, Javascript, CSS


learnPro can develop you any App and provide an authoring and system interact to let you manage all aspects of your App for any platform

learnPro Dynamic App Technology and Custom Build Capability takes you onto a new journey in the creation of a cost effective solution for your staff across all locations, letting you distribute anything you want or record anything you want

Engineering & Coding

Engineering a robust solutions means you have the best coding solutions and development environment that lets you build complex solutions with ease. Our team of programmers are top end graduates developed in the skills of C#, SQL, .NET technologies and our media developers are developed in the UX experiences, HTML, Javascript, CSS


Research & Discovery

learnPro’s industry experience lets us develop the strategies with you with clear workflows on how the new App will be used and we bring all the new SCRUM and Agile Project Management techniques to you

UX Strategy & Design

Developing focused User Experiences means listening to our clients, creating clear mock ups of each screen and designing interfaces to let you build new and exciting decision based Apps

Testing & Development

Making your technology work bug free for users means clear deployment strategies and at learnPro we test our outputs via emulation toolkits, we test for accessibility for all people and we work with you once you start to create your roll out strategies and add your material into your programmes