The Dynamic App Platform works with learnPro Learning Management System and lets authors create as many mini Apps/programmes for decision support as required without the need to develop new Apps and gain all the complicated approval for App Development. learnPro Dynamic App Platform takes all this hassle away. Its being used across the UK by the NHS for decision support with Blood Transfusion and has been accepted as a medical device. Its being used by the UK Fire Services for Incident Ground Decision Support for Operational Intelligence at the incident ground, Checklists and Aide memoirs and recently with NHS Borders to support the roll out of the learnPro Course Booking System to host all the short training videos

Decision Support App

learnPro’s App is a Decision Support App

Create Multiple Programmes/ Mini Apps

Create as many Programmes/Mini Apps as you want and use them by Role or Location

Authoring System

Create decision tree’s, checklists for the bedside or incidents for instant information, stream video for “how to” applications


System Features

So whats the difference with a Static App vs a Dynamic App

“The Static App is one off development with all the data fixed within the App. Any changes required the data or functionality requires you to go back the developers for changes and the stores need updated as well”

LearnPro’s Dynamic App Platform lets you manage everything for each programme created within an App for your staff and locations. It has an authoring system in the main learnpro system allowing instant updates

  • 1

    Provides tool box of information for decision support and sends out critical update messages

  • 2

    Easy Search and desktop software available to manage video upload to the streaming server

  • 3

    Works in flight safe mode and without connection to networks

  • 4

    Resize complex images and font size toggle for accessibility

  • 5

    Stream video for training

  • 6

    Authoring interface to build your Apps/programmes

  • 7

    Create lots of mini Apps/programmes for different roles and locations and make it bespoke for each user

  • 8

    Force login after timeframes to remove data if staff leave or updates required

  • 9

    Allow national distribution of content with local content and Apps sit side by side

  • 10

    On every store (IOS, Android and Windows) and works on Windows 8 upwards for PC based decision support for Mobile Data Terminals