Your Shortcut to Authoring Modules

learnPro’s LAB Advanced creates SCORM eLearning modules and simulations quickly and simply. It has been designed to streamline your workload: the introduction of our new style templates, interactions, themes and images, make it quicker than ever to create modules. LAB Advanced is managed and accessed via any device or browser - there is no need to download any software on to the desktop.

Style Templates

Our designers have created backgrounds, headers and colour palettes for you to chose from, allowing you to quickly start your project.

Upload Your Own Logo

Put your stamp on your project by simply uploading your organisation logo to the header of your module.


Do you feel like LAB Advanced doesn't have what you need, or you would like some bespoke content? Get in touch with someone from our team, and will be happy to add your designs or create one for you.

Page Templates

Apply custom layouts to every page. Our eLearning developers have created these templates, allowing you to create diverse layouts quickly and easily.

Instant Interactivity

Make your eLearning more interactive and engaging, using our pre-built templates. Just use the built-in editor to customise..


LAB Advanced is a WYSIWYG editor, allowing you to preview and update the look of the module as it's built.

Video Streaming

In just just a few clicks, easily insert video, streaming from your learnPro Video library.

Interaction Templates

LAB Advanced offers a library of robust interaction templates, developed by our in-house developers. Simply add your content using the built in editor.r

Assessment Type

Authors can select from a range of assessment types, including our new flag scoring system which allows answers to be graded as red, amber or green.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Published in HTML, modules can be accessed on nearly any device or browser.

Share and Review

Easily share development with reviewers and receive feedback using learnPro’s Package Manager system

Upload to learnPro

Courses published with lab advance can be directly uploaded to the Package Manager. Learners can then access the course using learnPro LMS