Your Intuitive Authoring System

learnPro’s LAB Advanced creates mobile ready SCORM eLearning modules and simulations quickly and simply. It is a subscription based that can be accessed online from any browser. Deploy your content to any LMS.

Just read what our customers say:

"I think LabAdvanced is a very flexible and intuitive modern e-learning authoring tool. The fact that it is a browser based product makes it easier for Fire and Rescue Services to use without the need for IT download permissions etc. It is funky, modern and has a large selection of interactions which can be used by the developer to enhance the information and interact with the learner"

- Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service

"it's user-friendly and intuitive, has an ever expanding suite of engaging interactions, a great help feature for guidance when required,... overall a joy to work with!"

- South Ayrshire Council


Expanded themes including header, title and colour palettes with auto theme interactions to match projects, questions and background colours.

Image Management

Image picker, drag and drop images, manage images and set default project logo and backgrounds.


All interactions are touch ready and designed for mobile use. They cover accordion, matching, process, slider, tab reveal, image hover, sort order, cue cards, drag and drop, bullets, pyramid, decision tree, add a note and many more interactive effects

Video Player and Page Audio

Video player styled with project themes, consistent player across any browser, video displayed on single page or in content blocks, add audio clips to pages, audio slides in from bottom of page, upload your audio in page settings, add different audio clips on different pages, supports mp3, mp4 and m4a audio formats

Instant Interactivity

Make your eLearning more interactive and engaging, using our pre-built templates. Just use the built-in editor to customise..

Project Management

Drag and drop to keep your projects online organized into folders, archive old projects, duplicate projects and view audit log of actions against a project


A range of effects which can be applied to your content to introduce it to pages or allow the text and images to fade, slide or expand into view, customise the delay and length of transition


In Lab Advanced authors can collaborate on the same projects. Lab Advanced is integrated with the Package Manager so its easy to send out courses to (SME's) Subject Matter Experts

Assessment & Questions

Three types of questions with 3 different scoring systems: multiple choice; drag and drop; free text. These can be scored to a certain percentage or can use Flag Scoring which is a different type of assessment which tracks the learners decision making with red, amber and green levels of answers.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Published in HTML, modules can be accessed on nearly any device or browser.

Share and Review

Work in teams, subscribe and login

Upload to learnPro

Courses published with Lab Advanced can be directly uploaded to the Package Manager and deployed on any LMS. Or output your SCORM ZIP File and upload to any LMS.