The System

Central Catalogue of Shareable Content that can be Previewed, Downloaded and Authored - You can host and manage all your content from one system and distribute your elearning, assessments and programmes to any LMS using the new Package Manage that takes SCORM and the Tin Can approach to a new level

  • Alerts you to anyone that has uploaded a SCORM module
  • Instantly click through to the module and preview
  • Decide if you want to share, re author or upload the module
  • Search using key words on all the modules
  • Preview the module and contact the author
  • Download and author in LAB or Click to instantly re author with Lab Advanced
  • Share your development with Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Download your SCORM file and share it with the integrated partnerships)
  • Create Sharing groups with other instructional designers
  • Built in Dashboard for quick statistics
  • Built and manage your assessments
  • Share assessments and preview the outputs before redevelopment
  • Manage Programmes and Pathways of learning
  • Manage your documents from the powerful document library