learnPro's learning content management system (LCMS) transforms content development by allowing instructional designers and subject matter experts to work in tandem to create learning of all types. It gives you the most efficient way to create scalable, reusable and measurable content that can be assembled into formal courses or delivered to any casual self-directed learning environment.

learnPro NHS

A LMS designed to improve training delivery with patient focus for all roles across the NHS. from managing pathways for doctors at all levels to covering all mandatory training requirements, LearnPro NHS sets the standard in Learning Management Systems make it easy to development and maintain competence in a diverse workforce environment

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learnPro Fire

A Learning Management System to deliver incident based and safety critical elearning and simulations with extensive assessments and re validation to maintain compliance and demonstrate ticket to ride at all levels of the workforce. Delivering practical tools using video streaming to IOS and Android devices along with decision support Apps out in the field.

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learnPro Community

Is designed to allow the councils and the NHS to share with community based organisations from voluntary groups, hospices, charities, the new community partnerships, care homes and home care etc. It incorporates the courses, the booking systems, the reporting capability, assessments, re validation system and eportfolio of to verify everything required for the inspectorates.

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learnPro Council

Council are as complex as NHS and the LearnPro LMS delivers the elearning and course management necessary to train up a diverse staff base. Powerful reporting for line managers along with easy creation and sharing of a wide range of elearning courses make LearnPro the number one choice for councils.

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