I can't find the app on the store

The app can be found on the Google Play store, the apple app store and the Windows Store. The links can be found below:

Google Play Store
Apple Store
Microsoft Store

I have logged in but my details aren’t recognised

If you already have a learnPro account and you are not able to log into the app please reset your password and try again. You can reset your password by going to the nhs learnpro site at and press Forgotten login.

If you have never registered on learnPro you can create a new user account from the login screen on the app

I know my details but I can’t connect to the learnPro server

Please make sure you are connected to a reliable WiFi connection or have mobile data enabled with a signal. The app will only download the data upon first log in and constant connection is not required.

I have logged in but the login page does not redirect.

This is most likely due to a low connection speed. Please try connecting to WiFi instead of mobile data or make sure you have a strong signal. Once you login the content will stay on your phone so you will not always need to be connected.

Can I download the app on my tablet?

Yes. The app is available on iPads, google tablets and also windows tablets.

Can I download the app onto a computer?

The app can be downloaded onto Windows 8 or Windows 10. You can use the Microsoft link above or use the store on the computer. This is not downloadable on any other Operating System.