Error Messages

You can troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing using the question list below.

JavaScript Error

"JavaScript or Active Scripting is currently disabled on your computer. Please enable this feature before continuing."

Is displayed when you try and access learnPro. This message is displayed because the browser has detected that JavaScript / Active Scripting is disabled on your browser. This must be enabled before continuing as it is needed throughout the site.

To resolve this issue, enable JavaScript / Active Scripting in your browser settings.  If you are using a work PC, you may need to contact your IT support department to resolve this issue.

Windows 10

The default Web browser in Windows 10 is called Edge. You can log in and access the learnPro LMS homepage using Edge, however learnPro modules currently do not launch with this browser. While we are looking into solutions for this, there are a number of workarounds for the moment:

- Use Internet Explorer. You can still launch Internet Explorer in Windows 10 from the Start menu, and you can use the site as normal
- Alternatively when you open up learnPro in Edge, you can use the Open In Internet Explorer option. Click the button with the three dots at the top right of the browser, and then Open in Internet Explorer
- Finally you can use Firefox or Chrome if you have these installed, which will work as normal