Update account details
You can troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing using the question list below.

How do I update my account details?

To update your details on the system, you can access your username/email, password, location or role via the ‘profile’ tab on your account.

There is also a user manual within the ‘support’ tab on this bar.

How do I change my location?

To update your location, you can edit your details at any time via the ‘profile’ tab and change your location or role.

There is also a user manual within the ‘support’ tab on this bar.


Moving from one board to another

1. Log into learnPro
2. Go to "Profile" -> "Edit Details" from the menu
3. Go to the "Location and Role" section which is under the "Basic details" section
4. Click the link that reads "[Change]" under "Location:"
5. You will be presented with a tree structure:

1. Navigate through the tree structure to find your new board 
2. Once you have found your required board click the "Update Changes" button


Your national courses (blood transfusion and national education scotland) will be displayed in a new location; however, your local learning may not be displayed inline with that organisation policy e.g. learning material specific to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde will not be displayed if you move your account into, for example, NHS Lothian.