You can troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing using the question list below.

The system will not allow me to register again

learnPro NHS is designed to create a unique learner record. You are not permitted to register more than once.

I registered with my Trust / Board email address. I am now at home, do I need to register with my home email address ?

You must use the same email address at home that you registered with at work. It will not affect your access to the system.

I want to register my ward using the generic ward email address but it won't let me

An email address can only be used for one learning account. Therefore each learner must have a different email address..

I don't want to use my NI number

Please consult with your local administrator for information on the local protocols.

I can't find my role on the system

The job roles on the system have been created in line with agenda for change. So your role may not appear on the system as you might expect. Your agenda for change role can be found on your pay slip.
If you are unable to find your agenda for change role, please choose the closest job role to your role from the list. When you find your correct agenda for change role, you can update your role on the system via Profile > Edit Details.

The register button does not appear

The Register button will be revealed once all the required fields have been completed.  Usually the problem is that either a ward or band has not been selected.  Both will turn grey when selected..

My location is not registered on the system

Please see the my location is not on the system page for instructions on how to report that your are has not been setup on the system.